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Welcome to the West Africa Casino Party University

Here at The WAC University, we only offer on subject – and that's the science of 'Fun'.

Where regular universities see grades as the measure of success, we see 'Partification'! It's what we're good at.

The WAC University is the part of West Africa Casino where we'll be adding new and thrilling features, stories, photos, videos, offers, guides and much, much more every month. Come back, check out the funny stuff, learn a little about partying in the UK, America and Africa, get some ideas from our 'Top Ten' lists and celebrate it all with your friends via your social networks.

You could even find yourself graduating up towards a 'Diploma', 'Masters' or even a 'Doctorate' as you move through the Super, Mega and Awesome tiers of the Program.
What's On The Curriculum?

Every two months we'll twitter out the WAC University eZine to all our followers. It'll be jam packed with features, interviews, game releases, bonus offers, WAC University updates and more. A veritable cornucopia of fun stuff. We'll also feature stories about real life winners from WAC University, how they did it and how they plan to celebrate with their winnings.

Welcome to the WAC University – and happy learning!


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West Africa Casino Party University

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