Top Ten Party Cocktails

  1. Jägerbombs – Not so much a cocktail, more a stimulating bit of bar theatre, as shot glasses of Jägermeister is dropped into a tumbler of Red Bull. Lovely, but lethal – proceed with caution!
  2. Polish Bullet – Yes, correct, Polish (as in the country), not polish as in the furniture cleaner! Combine bison grass vodka with honey vodka and apple juice. Tastes like mum's apple pie... but with a spirity kick!
  3. Cheeky Vimto – Bold as brass, the cheeky Vimto is pure sugary goodness. Not for those of discerning tastes, this barely falls into the 'cocktail' category, but if you're after something sweet and odd-coloured, WKD Blue with a shot of port, is the perfect answer.
  4. Woo Woo – Another favourite for the girls, the Woo Woo consists of peach schnapps, vodka and cranberry juice and reminds you of summer with every sip!
  5. Margarita – In the States, frozen margaritas are massive, and margarita mix can be found in most freezers. However if you can't find it in the UK, mix ice with white tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Don't forget to run the lime around the rim of the glass and dip it in salt for extra effect. And a miniature umbrella doesn't go amiss, either.
  6. Raspberry Collins – A classic cocktail and favourite of mixologists everywhere, the Raspberry Collins wows the crowds with its summery loveliness. Make yours with gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, raspberry puree and soda.
  7. White Russian – Stir vodka, cream and Kahlua or Tia Maria with ice and serve in a whisky tumbler for a rich, creamy and truly heavenly cocktail.
  8. Non-alcoholic ginger beer – grate and bash together fresh ginger, lemon, muscovado sugar, mint and soda for a soft drink with a kick.
  9. Mulled wine – Mulled wine is for life, not just for Christmas! Okay, maybe it's not suitable for warmer months, but this wintry classic with its spicy warmth can easily be enjoyed at parties.
  10. Bellini – Mix peach purée with sparkling wine or champagne to replicate this cocktail classic. First invented in Harry's Bar, Venice in the 30s, and reportedly a favourite with Hemmingway, the Bellini is a glorious (if indulgent) party treat.

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Top Ten Party Cocktails
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