Top Ten Favourite Party Tricks

Making a beer or glass of wine disappear doesn't really count as a top party trick (although the faculty here at the WAC University are quite good at it!) but here are our favourite ever party tricks to wow, gross-out or impress your adoring guests.

  1. The beer glass – Ask guests what they think it longest – the circumference or the height of a pint glass. All you need to win some money from your guests (as most people will bet on the height) is a piece of string. Needless to say, this doesn't work for every shaped glass, so check it first!
  2. Balloon animals – Sounds a little bit kid's party, but wow your guests with exotic and sometimes cheeky balloon bending and you'll have your crowd in stitches. Check out YouTube videos for the best, and re-create all manner of things!
  3. Impressions – From Frank Spencer to Phil Spencer, Kenny Everett to Kenneth Williams, impersonations and impressions are an easy way to get a giggle. Comedy karaoke is even better so why not 'do a' Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse or Dolly Parton and belt out some comic silliness.
  4. The magic coin – Press a coin into the middle of your forehead until it stays put, then bend forward and tap the back of your head, causing the coin to drop into your hand. Next, ask a friend to do the same, but you press the coin into their forehead instead, then gently and carefully remove it just before they try to tap it off, and give the rest of the crowd a chuckle as they continuously try but to no avail!
  5. Contortions – If you're blessed with double joints (is it really a blessing?) or flexibility to impress, do the splits, fold up small or touch your wrist with your thumb (on the same hand, silly), and you're guaranteed to get a reaction. If you're less blessed with bendy-ways, try touching your nose with your tongue or turning your eyelids inside out. Disgusting, but actually quite funny!
  6. Musical magic – Playing an unusual instrument always goes down well, particularly if you can find a kazoo, some spoons, a banjo or even a Theremin (Google it!).
  7. Show us the moves – Maybe it's the dance from Thriller or a Britain's Got Talent style dance act, but whether serious or joke, a dance routine can amuse and impress. Just make it good!
  8. Card Tricks – Nobody tires of some good old-fashioned magic tricks, particularly when they're good. So grab a magic trick book or find some tricks on the internet (YouTube is good for demonstrations), and wow your crowd with some magic. (Top hat and glittery jacket not essential).
  9. Beat boxing – Okay, so not everyone's cup of tea, but you've have to admit, a good beat boxer is quite an impressive thing. Perhaps best left to the experts, bad beat boxing is sometimes funny, but also sometimes just bad! Consider hiring a beat boxer for the evening though, everyone likes something a little different!
  10. Flaring – Invoke Tom Cruise in Cocktail and set about tossing, spinning and shaking your way through the evening by not only mixing some great drinks, but entertaining and amazing your guests in the process. Just remember to check for ceiling fans before you get too carried away! Remember: practice makes perfect.

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