Top Party Food Ideas

Update a classic – Call them crudités or simple veggie sticks, but sliced carrot, celery and cucumber with some tasty dips always go down a storm. But why not update this classic party staple by for flash-griddled courgette with lemony mayo, spiced feta and watermelon on sticks, herb-filled toasted Pitta soldiers and cherry tomato and olive kebabs.

Retro recipes – There's nothing more fun than going 'old school' on your party fare. Remember cheese and pineapple on cocktails stuck into a foil-covered 'hedgehog'? Or Party Rings? How about a plate of sausage rolls or mini triangle sandwiches (always with the crusts cut off). Remember your youth with a totally retro affair and for the full effect include party hats, balloons and party bags!

Totally Tapas – Go Mediterranean with a tapas selection including hummus, olives, prosciutto, grilled haloumi, Greek salad, sundried tomatoes, cous cous salad and tzatziki. Add plenty of different breads and chow down with some ice-cold cava or Prosecco for a totally classy summery treat.

Piece of pizza – Why not make your own pizzas and serve slices to hungry guests? Our favourite party toppings include mushroom, spinach and olive for the veggies, classic spicy pepperoni (with as much chili as you dare) and a Parma ham and rocket (both added cold onto a tomato and mozzarella base after cooking). And if you're too busy to make bases, why not use Naan bread instead? It works a treat in a hot oven.

Feeling hot hot hot – What's the perfect Saturday night fare? Well curry of course! So why not make up a batch of your favourite curry, put on some basmati and serve in bowls to help soak up some of the Saturday night liquid! Add natural yoghurt and chopped coriander to the top of each bowl to give it extra pizzazz and serve with mini Poppadoms and chilled Indian lager. Tasty stuff.

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