Best Party Games

  1. Bouncy castles – Not just for kids, the bouncy castle is guaranteed to turn any adult into an excited giggling child after the first bounce. Good old-fashioned fun and perfect for family parties.
  2. Charades – ah, the classic party game, you either love or hate! Charades can be spiced up with some naughty themes or kept sensible with film, movie, book or play categories.
  3. Karaoke – everyone loves a good sing-song, and although it's rare to find people rushing to be the first to belt out some ballads, you'll often find people being dragged off the mike at the end of the night!
  4. Piñatas – filled with toys, sweets and treats a Piñata (pronounced Pin-Yah-Ta) is a popular Mexican party game in which guests break the colourful papier-mâché container and release the contents.
  5. Murder Mystery – whether you choose to go the whole-hog and hire out a manor house and actors or just do a casual version at home, the murder mystery party night takes some planning, but will convert even the biggest cynic once it gets going.
  6. Board games – more of an after dinner activity than a party game, but newer board games like Pictionary, Articulate and Balderdash will have you testing your cunning and ultimately rolling around with laughter. And don't forget Trivial Pursuit for some general knowledge testing!
  7. Poker – Of course, we don't need to tell you how much fun Poker can be, but when you set up a proper table, grab some visors and enlist the help of a croupier friend, having a Poker evening (for cash or just chips) is a great night in.
  8. Drinking games – At Jackpot Party, of course we'd never advocate drinking, but whether you switch the beer in Beer Pong for cola or the shots in I Have Never for coffee, find yourself the perfect drinking game and even the tamest party can turn wild!
  9. Wii – If you've not yet invested in this, more 'physical' computer console, don't be fooled that it's just for teens and hardcore gamers. Enjoy everything from Wii bowling to golf, traditional games such as micro machines to SingStar. Try it, you'll be an instant convert.
  10. The Name Game – Low-Fi, but a real winner. Choose a famous person, write it on a post it note and stick it to the forehead of the person sitting next to you. They have to guess who they are with only 'yes or no' questions. Simple!

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