20 Best Movie Soundtracks For A Party

  1. Oh Brother Where Art Thou (Toe-tapping bluegrass with unbelievable vocals, even some by George Clooney himself)
  2. Amelie (for some Gaelic charm and wonder)
  3. Dirty Dancing (if the party is girls only, this is a winner)
  4. Stand By Me (perhaps not the jolliest of soundtrack albums, but don't forget there's always great balls of fire to excite the senses!)
  5. Top Gun (power ballad-tastic)
  6. Juno (If you haven't heard it yet, where've you been? Stunning alternative / indie tunes)
  7. Cabaret (Complete with bowler hats and walking sticks this is perfect a camp occasion)
  8. Pulp Fiction (with the added snippets of dialogue everyone can recount, a classic through and through)
  9. Midnight Cowboy (if only for the 'Everybody's Talking' theme tune... you'll be humming it for days)
  10. The Graduate (another 60s favourite, but with every tune a winner)
  11. Buena Vista Social Club (the perfect example of a soundtrack surpassing a movie in its brilliance)
  12. Trainspotting (evokes the 90s like no other album)
  13. 2001 A Space Odyssey (moody, atmospheric, but beautiful, Strauss's Blue Danube is perfect for the more sophisticated soiree)
  14. The Wizard of Oz
  15. Withnail and I (produced by George Harrison don't you know!)
  16. The Commitments (amazing band, phenomenal songs, and perfect karaoke classics every one)
  17. The Sound of Music (goes well with, erm, cheese)
  18. Pretty in Pink (80s pop classics from New Order to the Smiths guarantee to liven the 'ooh remember this' of any party)
  19. The Virgin Suicides (Air at their best, perfect background for that chilled-out Sunday afternoon kind of party. And don't let the film's title bring you down too much!)
  20. Star Wars (one of the best movies of all time with a soundtrack to match, possibly not party material, but listen as everyone hums the iconic theme tune with a smile on their face)

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